Shagrain – Dermabrasive Treatment – 350 Gm


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Reveal blemish-free skin with Shagrain. This deep pore cleanser is perfect for oily skin and specifically designed to target blackhead and scarring. Regular use of this product results in balanced oil production, smooth skin texture, and beautiful skin. Clean your pores with this cleanser to remove blackheads, acne, and any other pesky blemish, including dark marks and scars.


– Perfect pore cleanser
– Minimizes marks and scars, making the skin look smooth, toned and blemish-free
– Balances oil production
– Smooths skin
– Clean out blackheads
– Colour: White
– Product texture: Powder base

Varhi 53.0%, Khameer, 1.0%, Mehndi 2.50% Gairika 20.0%, Yashed Bhasm 10.0%, Abhrak q.s to make it 100%.
How to use

Gently rub a small portion of product over affected area. This includes blackheads, pigmentation, and blemishes. Avoid rubbing product over active pimples or acne to avoid irritation. Wash off when done.


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