Flower Botanics – Carnation-Hibiscus Hair Conditioning Powder – 200 Gm


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Naturally stop hair fall using Shahenna Plus Hair Cleanser. This cleanser utilizes the medicinal properties of Ayuverdic extracts and natural ingredients like Arishtak, Brahmi, Henna, Lemon, Mint, and Shikakai to fortify hair, prevent dandruff, and minimize hair loss.


– Nourishes scalp to prevent hair fall
– Prevents dandruff flakes
– Revitalizes scalp health
– Adds body and shine


Brahmi Extract 2.0%, Shikakai Extract 1.0%, Mehndi Extract 2.0%, Arishtak Extract 8.0%, Nimbu Extract 0.25%, Pudina Extract 0.50%, Base q.s. to make it 100%.

How to use

Wet hair thoroughly. Apply Shahenna Plus Hair Cleanser and work the product to a lather. Rinse with water.



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